Community Involvement

At Cullen Investment Group, we are committed to not only helping our clients but educating youth about the importance of financial literacy. We also do not have account minimums, because we believe that helps breaks down the barriers and gives access to under-served communities, many of which have many minorities and people of color. On top of our mission to give financial education, one of our core missions is to help close the Black and Hispanic wealth gap. As of 2016, the average net-worth of a white family was over ten times that of a Black and over nine times that of a Hispanic family. For decades, these communities have been under-served in the financial services industry which has only increased the wealth gap, which is why we are making a strong effort to include and serve these communities.

At Cullen Investment Group, we believe we have the ability to effect real change in the communities we serve. Building wealth is not a zero-sum game, meaning when your neighbor builds wealth, it doesn't take away from your own individual wealth, rather it strengthens your community as a whole. We hope that we can help build a fairer and more equitable society and strengthen the communities we serve and we strive to do this everyday.

In addition, our founder and CEO serves on the Board of Directors and is Treasurer of RENEW, a local non-profit, that strives to provide tools and resources to low income individuals so that they can strive in all areas of their life. RENEW offers financial literacy lessons, provides resources for transportation, housing, childcare, health care, and several other areas. If you would like to learn more about RENEW, visit their website.

If you or someone you know is interested in having an employee come talk to a school or group you are affiliated with about financial literacy, please reach out to us so we can schedule a time. You can call us at (513) 508-3183 or email our CEO directly at